Now that I’m dead, I want to tell you a few things.

Sex is important. Enjoy it, talk about it, experiment with it. Talk to your partner(s), talk to your friend(s), if you’re a writer, jot down your escapades to remember later or share at intimate times.

Whether you choose to go into marriage a virgin and pledge yourself to one partner for life or try your hand at being a player – enjoy it, but be smart. Use protection when it makes sense, stay aware of your surroundings, and say “No” whenever something doesn’t feel right. If someone tells you “No” respect that, ALWAYS. Nothing screws up a sex life (and life overall) like rape.

Keep it fun – there are so many things to try and ways to give and receive pleasure you can be busy for a lifetime. Like all other areas of a relationship, know that it will take time, understanding, and communication.

Giving pleasure is a natural high, so be generous…which includes receiving pleasure so your partner experiences that high too! If you don’t happen to have a partner, have fun by yourself, you always know exactly what feels good.

Be open minded and experiment – pushing your boundaries a little can be thrilling (and HOT.)

I wish you love, safety, and great sexual adventures.