Now that I’m dead, I want to tell you a few things.

-Enjoy life. Make it fun. You can only take memories with you. Make them happy ones. Laugh a lot.

-It sounds to cliche, but life really is short when you put it in perspective. If you have something you want to accomplish, do it.

-Live with no regrets. It’s easy to think now that you have tomorrow, or the next day to see someone you care about, call a friend, take a trip, or spend time with a loved one. Truth is, you don’t.

-Storybook love really does exist. You just have to hold out for it. Don’t settle. Find someone you are compatible with to love forever. You’ll always have to work hard in a relationship, but you shouldn’t have to work that hard with the right one.

-Get outside. Explore. Travel. The world has so much to offer. Don’t limit yourself. Roadtrips are priceless.

-In reality, in this life, you’ll never be fully satisfied. Don’t chase material things. Again, nothing goes with you.

-What makes you happy? Be there. Life isn’t about power, prestige and money. It’s about accepting who you are, accepting others, and love.

-As for me, I would never be where I was without you. All of you, my family, friends, husband, who molded me and taught me and loved me into becoming who I was. I loved life, and loved living it. I thrived off people and interactions with people, hearing life narratives and stories of overcoming obstacles. I shouldered the pain and provided hope that, God willing, made an impact in other’s lives. You taught me to love unconditionally, without reservation and without limitation. Nothing is better. You taught me to be me, to be genuine, to be open, to be nonjudgmental, which helped others restore faith in mankind. I hope you take what you have and share it.