Can anyone submit a letter?


Would you explain how the letters work again?

The premise of the letters is that you, the author, have just died. The intent behind the letters is that they’re written from your point of view (as opposed to some fictionalized persona). Hypothetical and imagined experiences aren’t what we’re looking for here. We’re looking for your letter to be as autobiographical as you’re comfortable making it.

The only rule is that every letter submitted needs to start with the same first line: Now that I’m dead, I want to tell you a few things.

What should I write about?

Your letter is what you care to share, confess, or recount. It can take the form of advice, it could be a warning, it could be a list of principles or regrets. I’ve set up a few general categories, as a guide. But whether it’s career advice or a treatise on marriage, a reflection about family or your views about money… the subject matter is entirely up to you.

This is a great site – I love it!

That’s not technically a question, but your enthusiasm is very much appreciated!

Who am I addressing in my letter?

The original intent was that the letters would be addressed to everyone still living… to the world, essentially. But there’s nothing to say you couldn’t write a more directed letter: a note to a lover, a message to a yet to be born child, some words of advice to the young. Like the subject matter of your letter, who your audience will be is also up to you.

Will you be editing my letter?

No. I reserve the right to publish or un-publish letters, but I won’t be going in and editing your words. That’s sort of like me showing up at your place, and alphabetizing your books for you. I could do it, but I’m not sure why I would.

Can I write more than one letter?


How can anyone answer a rhetorical question?

I see what you did there.

Why are you so morbid?

Despite the name of this project, its focus has very little to do with death or being dead. This site is more accurately a celebration of life, and it hopefully provides an avenue for reflection – on the choices we did and didn’t make in our lives.

This project is all about the Big Questions. Just because they’re difficult doesn’t necessarily make them morbid. Read more about the project.

Aren’t you worried about people submitting actual suicide letters?

I have no intention of publishing anything that even looks remotely like an actual suicide letter. As I stated previously, this project has actually very little to do with death. The goal here is to look back upon and celebrate life, not to provide some mechanism to say goodbye to it.

If you find yourself wanting to write an actual suicide letter, I urge you to talk with someone about how you’re feeling. Please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline, where there is someone on call 24/7 at 1-800-273-TALK (8255).